The Community Systems Strengthening for Health Project has 5 key activities namely:

  • Training- Different cadres of community members, such as community leaders, community health committees and community health educators, are trained in various thematic areas of the project. Sometimes this training is formalised, and individuals are presented with necessary accreditation.
  • Community Dialogues- Community dialogues are head in project sites to among other things, identify priorities fo that particular community and think through solutions. Community dialogues are an important avenue for increasing community participation in heath.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation- Routine monitoring and evaluation is done on the project in order to document and share lessons. these lessons inform the adaptation of project activities to make the woke meaningful and sustainable.
  • Policy Advocacy- Informed by lessons and research from the project, various advocacy activities are undertaken, including providing feedback to bills and policy papers, and organising and taking part in public discussions.
  • Material and Tools Development- To support the scale up of the project, and the application of lessons, the project develops materials and training tools that are available for free to the public. These materials range from research-based publications, to multimedia materials.

For an updated view on project activities, please see quarterly reports at